Most visited beaches to replenish your soul in Thailand

Fun, charismatic, tropical, exotic, crazy night life , one hundred percent satisfactory shopping pilgrimage – these are some of the major attributes that make Thailand a true and one of the most desired holiday destinations not only in South East Asia but also in the whole wide world. But mostly its beaches that make this country feel more complete, beautiful and truly beguiling. There are tried-and true destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui, but even some of the more remote islands are getting more and more attention from travelers.

When I think of  revisiting top 5 beaches in Thailand, I can not cancel the one out for another. I mean every island, beach makes you witness an amazing therapeutic experience with their own atmospheric distinction.

Whether you go to Phuket, a rain forested mountainous island in Andaman sea with crystal clear blue water on the western shores or Koh Samui, the second largest island in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast. Whether you take a weekly break in Koh Samet which is approximately  220 Kilometers southeast of Bangkok or even go to Koh Lipe, a remote island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of the Strait of Malacca, in Satun Province of southwest Thailand, close to the Malaysian border. Every corner has something immaculate to offer that you certainly ramble on this pleasure trip of absolute breathtaking.

Yet again, if you want to put some sure shot beach destinations of Thailand in your bucket list then visit the following links to get some ideas of the places that would surely resonate with your idea of  ideal beach holiday destination.


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