Travel For Existence

I believe in watching sunsets, naming stars and in thinking about the existence as a transient system that we are only the part of.

I believe in giving my existence a true meaning, the meaning that carries a true color of my own self , my own identity.

I believe in exploring the world that has so much to offer to your thrust, passion , urge , need; which leads to a chase for wandering. I continue with this wanderlust to offer my trace, enunciation and the experience back to the world.

I travel for life , to live life to the fullest. For me it’s the best antidote to any one can ever ask for. Sometimes, I feel getting lost to a completely new horizon and never coming back to the state which has been so familiar all through my life. For me those few days of journey of a new place, on the new road , with the new people and culture become a part of my existence. I thrive for the quest of being a storyteller. I look out of the window when the sun light hits through the curtain of my hotel window, I smell the new fragrance of my new surrounding, I hear the roar of the ocean and compellingly run to the sea to enjoy the smoldering sun above me.

I travel not to escape life but for life not to escape me. Instead of harping on the fact of regretting the chances I didn’t take, I would rather harp on the fact of taking chances to let go and set me free in this wonderful world.

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I am Angel- a perfume lover, beach-bum, traveler with a lot of passion of unobstructed roaming around the world. Getting lost on the beach destinations is what I love the most and I am here to help you understand the magnificence of salt water by sharing my own travel experiences.

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