Sunset Dinner Cruise, Langkawi

In my entire trip in Malaysia this was the crown jewel for me. Ever since I started planning this trip, I was mostly looking forward to this dinner cruise. In my mind I knew this is going to turn out the best and guess what I was so damn right!!! 🙂

So to give you the background behind my excitement-Sunset Cruise is a mid-afternoon daytrip that takes you sailing on the Andaman Sea as you kick back and relax on board a yacht. The upscale adventure starts off at the Awana Porto Malai jetty; once on board, there is an open bar with chilled soda, fruit juice, wine, and beer and yes of course full course meal to die for.  After spading through a day long island hopping and beach activities I was all set to sail the boat and cruising around the sea and heyyyyy!!! what’s more perfect than ending the day by sailing across the sea, watching spectacular islands go by in the low-light of an evening than hopping on our Langkawi Sunset Cruise while you are in Langkawi?

Preparation began the day I landed in Langkawi, I contacted with my hotel management and they had a trip organizer associated with this sunset cruise package. After doing a little bit of research on the Internet I thought the price they were offering was pretty  good for a 4 hour yacht ride with unlimited beverages and dinner. I signed up for it and next day i was ready to board the boat. Here is the thing, there is plenty of tour operators through out Langkawi ( specially in Pantai cenang beach area) , and you can go for any of the tour operators. Also point to be noted here, sunset dinner cruise comes in several package formats. There is a day trip package where you can cruise around different islands through out the day and at the end of teh day enjoy delicious dinner and drinks, there is another dinner package called  “crystal yacht cruise” offered by crystal holidays and apparently this is the most luxurious and expensive cruise package in Langkawi ( Do your research)  and so many other packages both on a reasonable and pricey side to offer you an ultimate and unforgettable twilight experience.

The cruise takes you within almost-touching distance of some of Langkawi’s deserted islets – unique limestone outcrops and exotic marine life are part and parcel of the voyage. Friendly yacht staffs top up drinks and generally encourage a boisterous time. You can mingle with so many other visitors on board and I had the most fun time interacting with an Italian couple and a Chinese family. There were so warm and welcoming that I almost forgot I am not home and sailing around an unknown land.

After grabbing a thirst quencher on the ship, passengers can  enjoy the fresh sea breezes as the boat heads out to sea. Later, grab your swimming trunks and dip into the warm waters of the ‘saltwater Jacuzzi’ – a trawling net attached to the side of the boat serving as a safety harness that you can laze about in as the boat sets out. My cousin had literally his crowning moment while just being cradled in the net and being in motion with waves.

As far as I was concerned, I was having my time tuning into my own music,seeing the deep blue sea go by , enjoying the chilled drinks in hand as I stated out to the sunset colored open sea eventually. For me

the million-dollar moment happened when the sun set on the horizon and we all were lounging in a deck chair with a satisfied mind and soul and that led up to a complete fulfilling day. i don’t think I have enjoyed this much in a very long time and that being said, I ended my day in a buoyant mood after a long time.

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