Stay hot, fit , beautiful when you travel

Planning your next vacay to somewhere exotic or off the beaten path? Whatever your next destination be, don’t forget to include your daily fitness regime along with other obligatories in your plan. And when I say , daily fitness regime it can be anything that can make your blood pump and body break a sweat.

One of the first things I think of when I’m planning a trip is what kind of exercise I can expect to get where I’m going. Are there places to explore, activities I can sign up for, or excursions I can take that are physically active? And, are there any good gyms where I’m staying? Usually, by nature I am a  lazy person and can not gear myself up for all sorts of activities. Because my version of tour is either extremely exhilarating or just lying on a comfy bed, chilling and sipping my cocktail while clocking my eyes on the sight of the blue ocean or mountains. But so far the former has mostly happened to my life and one thing I have persisted in either category which is doing yoga in the morning. I don’t go for nerve racking activities that often, or hitting the gym which is a very much part of the hotel amenities , the only thing I keep doing is yoga on the beach or the roof top of a hotel. And let me tell you something really cool, I am not exaggerating you guys, changing into that yoga attire, running on to the beach with yoga mat in your arms , taking few  breaths of fresh air in the morning , looking at the beautiful ocean and simply soaking in the sun for even 30 minutes – is all you need as a morning treat on a vacation. It instantly pumps you up and makes you out of your cocoon and literally helps you see the world from a completely different angle and feel so freaking positive that nothing else matters for that specific time slot.


We all know the benefits of jogging on the beach , warming up, doing yoga and pilates. It stretches your body , relaxes your core muscles , helps stay in shape and more importantly soothes your mind and soul. So why not taking an advantage of making your body happy while at the same time making your mind happy through various activities and amusements? So make sure, you book 30 minutes of your day even if you are in a tight spot of a busy schedule , maybe not every day ,but every alternative day to limber up. And I am not saying to say no to those “guilt inducing “, ” staring at me insatiably” hot buttery breakfast croissant, mouth watering creamy white sauce Italian pasta with mushrooms, freshly brewed roasters with whipped cream or even gelato, I mean who does that even? I don’t But you need to have a nice blend of your meal and workouts that are saviors for getting out of your calories and for that you gotta be laying down the ground work to not end up feeling bloated , grumpy and grouchy.

So eat, run, jump, dance ,stretch, squat – do whatever you want to do. All you need to have, some workout friendly shoes, some cute little work out skirts or shorts and tops , bottle of water , exercise mat, sunscreen , bands and ropes for pilates and enthusiasm. Look at the view of the morning just after sunrise form a  cliff top overlooking the Indian ocean , wouldn’t you want to hike that cliff or even do some sort of yoga on the beach underneath?

Mina Tanjung, Lombok, Indonesia
Mina Tanjung, Lombok, Indonesia

So  stay fit and healthy, look hot and beautiful ,flaunt your all sassy travel wardrobes, live in the moment and relish every bit of your travel experience and moment of glory.

Some of the yoga routine that I follow:

  • hatha
  • asthanga yoga
  • prayasan

You tube channels for better practice:

Boho beautiful

Diet you can maintain:

  • low carbs
  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • sea food salad
  • less carbonated drink and caffeine
  • more fresh juice and water

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  • Hi Angle,
    Great article, really nice, love it. I have a question, can you suggest me a very nice place for honeymoon? It must have blue sea , beautiful beach and hills, she loves beach and I love hills, and environment have to be quite and healthy.

    • Faisal, if you want to enjoy hills and beach then Krabi or phi phi island should be ideal place for you to stay. In both places you will get beautiful blue water and islands surrounded by mountains. But my personal preference will be either Boracay, Philippines or Bali,Indonesia. If you want to enjoy ocean with massive waves with turquoise blue water then Bali is definitely your best bet. But for a budget trip, Thailand is always the best option.

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