The world is far form perfect , yet love exists all around us. It’s been embroiled in so much trouble , yet we live with each moment. Maybe life is about living with each moment and daring to follow the unknown path. Life makes you hear about so many new places and things in one life time but seldom gives you a chance to see and explore those, unless you make it very clear to your conscience that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. So again, don’t put yourself in a cage, let your  spirit set free in a new land and spread your wings in a new sky.

Travel is one of the few things in life that makes you richer. Richer not through collecting things but collecting memories through that journey. In my life I have always been very materialistic , I value tangibility. But every now and then I give myself a nudge, I prop myself up by jolting me out of this materialism and taste a sense of intangibility. Because those two things that people often value in their lives, are bound to lead them to a humdrum life style which is nothing but a sheer mediocrity. So I don’t want to be a mediocre, I don’t want to be scared to walk alone and strive for the world that is imperfect yet full of surprises.

I meet so many strangers while traveling, I observe their enthusiasm, smile at their joy, admire their sense of adventure and even sometimes follow their footprints just to know, what people are actually like? How does it feel to get lost and in the middle of strangers? Truly speaking, it feels good!! Because that’s how you are collecting memories by truly immersing yourself into the unknown.

Travel is truly about discovering your passion , which will lead you to your purpose. Not anyone else can travel the road for me and set my goal, I must travel it for myself and see whether it’s fulfilling my lust and love of growing bigger, stronger and making myself richer.

I will never be completely at home again, because part of my heart will always be elsewhere as I tasted the wanderlust. But I guess that is the price I  pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place. That is how I become eco-phobic.

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I am Angel- a perfume lover, beach-bum, traveler with a lot of passion of unobstructed roaming around the world. Getting lost on the beach destinations is what I love the most and I am here to help you understand the magnificence of salt water by sharing my own travel experiences.

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