Langkawi, Malaysia

2017 kicks off with the Gem of Malaysia-Langkawi

I am loading up my blog after ages. I know I have been a very bad mom to my own blog but things got busy at my end and I was waiting for the next and very first trip in 2017. So first of all, “Happy belated 2017” and without investing time on any more irrelevant words let’s dive into Malaysia.

So , Malaysia….one of the friendliest and accommodating countries in South East Asia and truly an amazing place to visit at least once in your life time. I took my flight straight to KL and stayed a night at a friend’s place of mine. The next morning I was all set to fly myself down to Langkawi and it took roughly an hour by Malindo Airline which takes off from KL international airport’s domestic terminal. Readers, I need to tell you something here, as soon you hit the sky of Langkawi, just look down from window and trust me it is the most beautiful view ever. I haven’t come across such surreal ariel view in my life so far.

Ariel View


After landing we made our way straight to our hotel ( Best start resort ) which is just on the most popular beach of Langkawi, Pantai Cenang. As soon as I entered the hotel lobby , just after making a few steps to the right of the reception area, I clocked my eyes on the beautiful blue ocean and it is indeed a beautiful white sandy beach. The view from the hotel shack ( cove ) and pool area is to die for.  I stayed there for 2 nights and amenity wise it was a decent hotel.

Best Star Resort

The next day started with island hopping to Tasik Dayang Bunting which is the largest fresh water lake of South East Asia. It’s located offshore and south of the main island, and can easily be reached by a boat. So why is this island so famous? The literal meaning of its name is ‘Island of Pregnant Maiden’. And it has a wonderful large fresh water lake (known as Lake Guillemard) surrounded by hills having dense rain forests. The lake too is known as Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. The legend says that a man named Mat Teja met and fell in love with the princess Mambang Sari at the lake. They eventually married and the princess gave birth to a son. However their son did not live long and soon died. Having reconciled with their misfortune, they decided to lay their son in the water of the lake and allow him to rest in peace. The gracious princess also blessed all women having difficulty in conceiving a child. They would become fertile once they take a dip into the water of the lake. Apart from all the foundations around the belief, the place  is truly a heaven in itself. When I climbed down hundreds of  stairs to reach the point , the view was  worth of every sweat I shed while getting there.

Geo Forest Park

The next destination of the island hopping was to one of the eagle feeding areas of the reddish brown eagles is at the Kilim River area at the north eastern end which is part of the Kilim Geopark and also the water area near the island Pulau Singa Besar located just south of the main island. It is a spectacular sight where large number of eagles circle the sky and dive into the river to catch their food. You will watch this for about 20 minutes while sitting in the boat.

Pulao Basar

Last destination of the island hopping was Beras Basah which is a beautiful white sandy beach with one of my favorite combination of water that goes from lightest blue to greenish blue and then dark blue. Even though the place was saddled with a lot of tourists but the island has its own charm and tranquilizes your mind with its enigmatic beauty.

Beras Basah

Once you land in Langkawi, you can arrange this tour by talking to either your hotel authority or there is actually plenty of tour operators that you are likely to find just near your hotels if you are staying in Pantai Cenang or Kuah town. But if you want more sunshine, tropical vibes and good sea food then Pantai Cenang is the place to explore and make your holiday worth while.

I will write more about Langkawi because there is so much to write about it but till the next blog ……


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